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  1. yes, I believe there is hell and everyone who doesn’t live according to his or her Creator’s will for us gets caught up in hell. I believe the Bible completely and I believe the words are truth and life. so whatever I see in the word, I believe.

  2. Of course there is hell. Since there is heaven which belongs to the people that did Gods will while on earth , there is also hell where those that failed to do God’s will while on earth are sent , where there is only regret and gnashing of teeth . Not to believe in hell is to put your self at the danger of going to hell because your disbelief in hell will make your to live a worldly life and in the end end up in hell.

  3. i have never doubted in the existence of strongly exists and that’s where all the unrepentant sinners will end long as there is Heaven,there is hell..for one not to believe in the existence of hell is  like gambling with one’s life…it is also referred to as eternal fire,realm of the dead,the blazing better start believing and start amending your ways to make heaven before it gets late

  4. Undoubtedly yes Hell exist . This is true because God has made it clear in the Bible and his words are truth . he cannot change neither will his words change for anything. so I strongly believe that hell is real and am trying to avoid everything that can ever lead me that dreadful place where the bible said that in that place will there be regret and gnashing of teeth .

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