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Iwuchukwu Joseph
Active Member

I believe customers should be treated with respect but not that they are always right . This notion has made some irresponsible people to always misbehave in supermarkets and markets in the name of customers are always write . A customer that in the name of buying from someone is mishandling the product making the product to lose it beauty will one as the seller keep quiet in the name of customers are always right?.

Isabelita Danganan
Active Member

I don’t agree with that. Yes, customers have their rights but not all the time. Thinking it is alright because they believe that they are always right.T are instances that customers are out of their line.

Corazon Henson
Trusted Member

Of course, it is only a slogan or adage but it’s not literally true. What it means is that the store should give preference to the buyer.

Angie Ashworth
Noble Member

Each time I hear this, I just want to roll my eyes so far back they could disappear inside my head LOL No, that theory is so dated it’s unreal. What you do with any business is set expectations and manage them, otherwise your customers will walk all over you. You have to be firm but polite with it too because today’s customer is very crafty and will push the boundaries as far as they’ll go!

SireRumu Rumu
Active Member
Masud Rumu

Nearly every job I’ve worked in the past were customer service based, but I still do not appreciate the slogan “customers are always right”. And trust me, a lot of people agree with me. If you’ve had the experience of working in a customer service base jobs like I’ve done, then you’ll know that customers can’t always be right. In fact, some customers are so naive and ignorant which they fail to realize but still put on a show. Obviously the customer can’t be right in such situations. It’s only the work ethics of a job place that makes a… Read more »

Adapala Koteshwar Rao
Trusted Member

As we all know it is the customer that helps us in building the business and help us in earning the profits, so he is the person in fact playing the major role in the whole procedure. Thus he is the man holding upper hand in the process of business and to make him unhappy or angry means calling in for the trouble. So to avoid this situation we always try to keep the customers happy by pampering ego by displaying the board that the Customer is important in our premises! I don’t know the facts behind but we believe… Read more »

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