Did You Plan Your family?

Excessive population is a big problem the World is facing today!

Because of over population there is a stiff competition right from food to everything for comfortable living in the World.

So controlled population is always better and helps the nation to progress economically.

To have a prosperous country we should have man power but in limited quality, as anything in excess in dangerous!

I have planned about my family and i have only one son and today he is an Engineer and is contributing the Nation in that capacity!

How bout you – Do you have a Planned family?

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Updated: July 14, 2019 — 12:15 pm

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Adapala Koteshwar Rao

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  1. I planned my first child but my second was conceived with a contraceptive coil which failed and was a complete surprise.

    We would probably have had another child at some point and although I was offered a termination I wanted to keep her. It was the best decision of my life as she turned out to be a lovely child and a wonderful adult. I never planned to have more than two children.

  2. Most couples here are aware of family planning. Unlike in the olden times when the culture dictates a couple to have many children, now there are couples who even do not want to have children.

  3. We I’m not married yet, but I support family planning too, at most three children should be the limit for everyone.

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