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[Solved] I Am A Verified Member. Then Why I Am Not SHOwn THe Same In The Profile?  


Adapala Koteshwar Rao
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22/06/2019 4:03 am  

If you see my details here you will fing that I am already having a standing of two weeks a lot of activity and  have been given the status of verified member.

But the same thing is not displayed in my profile and I am not given the privileges of posting the questions!

I am really getting confused about the childish attitude by the Admin and the moderators...

All the things along with the points mentioned in one of my answer is making the site nothing less than a comedy one!

Yes, I know the Admin or the Moderator may delete this post of mine , but that won't solve the purpose.

Some thing had to be done seriously about the setting the things into place on this site!

kindly look this message as a serious thing in the interest of the Site!

Adapala Koteshwar Rao
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Joined: 5 months ago
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22/06/2019 5:14 am  

Thanks a lot for taking prompt action and updating my verification status!

It gives an immense satisfaction to be an verified member and to have special privileges provided for us!

Once again , thanks and regards

Linda Mansfield
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22/06/2019 8:22 am  

I've just looked at your profile and it says under your name that you are a verified user so I'm not sure why you can't post questions. I really don't think it's a good idea to keep complaining about the site as you will make yourself unpopular with admin. Maybe that's why they are not allowing you to post because I've seen your questions go up in the past. They read our posts on ForumCoin too so they will see what you have written there.  It won't do you any favours to keep insulting their admin.

If you have a problem you could contact admin directly through Whatsapp which is what I do or perhaps use Contact Us at the top of the page.

Adapala Koteshwar Rao
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Joined: 5 months ago
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23/06/2019 7:25 am  

Dear  Ms Linda Mansfield,

I am not here to please or displease any one! I talk what I see! I know that I am neither insulting any one nor complaining about the things for no reason!

I am here with a cause of writing and if I will be given a step motherly treatment I am going to talk about it!

Let me be very clear that, I am basically not on any site to make the things bad....I am on Mylot for last 13 years and I enjoy good reputation there. In Forum Coin also initially  had a difference with the Admin but the misunderstandings are clear now and I enjoy a great time there!

I am a man who call spade a spade....there is no wrong intention. I need not unnecessarily please any one as I am not makinh any fortune here. Like all of us I am also making some peanuts here!

In the worst situation I will be banned or thrown out....and that won't make any differene to me , as I was on right path here and before joining here I was happy with my other sites!

So kindly for the heavens sake don't advise any new comer t0 keep quiet and be submissive and just take the things as they come!


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