an arranged marriag...

an arranged marriage is better than Love marriage  

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Believe Otoboh
Joined: 3 weeks ago
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28/08/2019 8:34 pm  

I don't think it's good,cos you might not understand your spouse since the marriage was arranged

Nsyprim Friday
Joined: 8 months ago
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28/08/2019 11:27 pm  

Arranged marriage cannot be better than love marriage because the people involved do not even love each other So anything can happen along the line and they may divorce.. But marriage based on love can withstand the storm of marriage.

Saviour John
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02/09/2019 12:38 am  

I think it all boils down to opinion and the people involved in the said arranged marriage. It might work for Family A, B, C but won't work for D

Shewa Jeffrey
Joined: 5 days ago
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13/09/2019 1:58 am  

Arranged marriage does not last, when there is no love the family cannot stand, ย it will collapse, firstly there won't be understanding because such marriage is like marrying to a stranger, is like a prison because there will be absence of happiness, secondly, the woman did not feel anything for man and marriage is a life contract once u enter like this there is no going back.

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