Why are my posts being moderated?  



Admin - I hope you can help ASAP 🙂 Today all my posts haven't gone through because they are 'awaiting moderation'. My account was verified ages ago and I haven't had to have my posts moderated for a very long time. 

I also just noticed that I'm labelled as a 'new user' LOL.

Thanks 🙂

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We apologize for this mixup. Please confirm your account badge, are you still a new user?

We're investigating the issue with your verification too.

Thanks for reaching out.


No, I've been here a good few months. I'm a 'noble member'. Thanks 🙂

2 Answers

It's not just Angela, it's all of us by the looks of it. There are many questions on the site asking why their answers are going to moderation mine included.


Wow, I wasn't aware because I asked the question but nobody responded. I think the site has been glitchy because even today it keeps logging me out and there are some questions I can't answer.


My answers are all going to moderation and being approved later so perhaps the site is being tidied up because there were a lot of one word answers appearing.


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