Do We Need To Pay 30% As Service Commission To This Site while Encashing?  



I was reading yesterday on another site that here we need to pay 30% of our earnings as service taxes to the site every time we withdraw!

Since I am new to this site I have got no idea about t!

Could some body or admin clear my doubt and oblige? Thanks!

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4 Answers

Yes, every withdrawal is made with a 30% charge, not for taxes but maintenance.

These charges are crucial for keeping this platform up and running.


I think that's fair enough. I would rather pay the 30% than see the site disappear which is what happens to so many other sites.


I think I would go for that 30% deduction while cashing out if it would make the site more stable and reliable. Many sites are closing down because of having some problems especially in the financial part to sustain its operation that is why I would be in favor to it so that more members would benefit from the site 


I'll prefer 30% deduction to shut down of the website


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