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Yes of course. Infact religion has been the reason most corrupt people do walk freely

Oghenekome Irobo
Noble Member

If people follow religion, there will be no corruption. In our opinion, if religion is given the place it deserves in the lives of the people and the moral values and ethics embedded in it are not just preached, but also followed, definitely religion can settle our problem and make this place a better place to live . They were also strong in their view that no religion tells you to be corrupt. No faith tells you to be corrupt. Thus their contention was that, if somebody calls themselves religious and is still corrupt, they are not following the religion… Read more »

Corazon Henson
Noble Member

In our country the Catholic church has a great influence on the government officials that somehow it helps in curbing corruption in the government.

Alex Socorro
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This reminds me of Thailand where the people are so religious as Buddhists. But there was a prime minister before who was charged with corruption.

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