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  1. I go with salary job. It is good that for reason of saving and that you can plan for a good budgeting because the money on hand is whole, Unlike with the daily pay you are tempted to buy something every day and even forget the important ones specially when they are a little expensive. You end up nothing with the money on hand because it is in smaller amount.

  2. I think I prefer salary jobs compared to daily paid jobs and I have just one reason for my choice.

    Salary payments are better because you get paid for your efforts in whole. I believe this type of payment helps keep the money together and encourages savings as well as budgeted expenses. Daily paid jobs however can lead to reckless spending especially if the payee isn’t financially discipline. For me, I’ll probably end up spending the money without doing or executing anything meaning because the money comes in bits. But on a salary job, I can expect to do one or two things meaningful since the money comes in bulk. I think that’s the only reason why I prefer salary payments to daily paid jobs.

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