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  1. Yes, some of my questions have relevance on my personal experiences, past and present. Some are because I’m curious about something and it happens to come across my mind so I decided to ask it.

    Personally, I only respond to those questions that I’m really interested in and at the same time I have at least little knowledge of it.

  2. In most cases yes. I don’t always agree with the opinions of others but I am prepared to listen to a different point of view to my own and on occasions I have even changed my view by talking to others.

    Sometimes there is no answer to a question and it all boils down to various opinions like  with religious questions. Opinions can be very divided on topics like this but at least it gives you a range of  views to think over.  As long as an answer is meaningful  and makes sense it gives me food for thought.

  3. This is quiet a good question I must say. And giving the nature of some questions being asked, I guess it’s only right to think so.

    Personally, most of the questions I’ve asked are on sensitive topics which is aimed at producing meaningful and positive responses from other users. I like to share my knowledge and experiences, hence I believe asking a question should also come with such enthusiasms from others. This also means that every question i’ve asked was an attempt at getting meaningful response which will add to what I already know about the said topic or subject.

    However, I can say the same about everyone. Everybody has their choices and interest. Some might just be asking for the sake of earning. But I can say that I’ve come across many questions which were aimed at getting meaningful and useful responses from other users. But all the same, we can’t deny the fact that we all do it for the money, at least I know it’s one of the reasons why I do it.

  4. Every time I ask question I somehow go back to it over and over again as I am interested to know the opinion of everyone who might be interested on my question. It’s amazing that we have different opinions and every has their point. I just wish that I can reply to each and every replies. That can make it even more personal to do that, a sort of an interaction and sharing your knowledge on the subject.

  5. My idea of asking questions here is to impart awareness in the readers by making them curious about the topic on which I am posting a question.

    There are many topics or issues which I may know and I know that these are important issues which an ordinary man must know but then they don’t know. just out of ignorance! Then I try to highlight such issues in the form f questions here.

    For example everyone talks about Diabetes, but very few people know about the details of the Diabetes and its complications. Such issues though are discussed on day today basis they are never discussed in details to get into the depth.

    So my idea is to ask such simple questions which have some importance in one’s life and society and at the same time helpful in general to one and all.

    I am not really bothered if I am getting reply to my question or not! What all I am interested in, is to see if the message is reaching the readers or not!

    Yes, some times to make the situation lighter and humorous I may post some lighter posts or some amazing posts for the knowledge of the readers and amusement! That is a different thing!

    Thus basically my intention is not to make just money while posting a question here but to create some awareness about some important issue here on the site!

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