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Rajaraman K
Noble Member

Yes. Of course. I am. I create content.

Nsyprim Friday
Noble Member

Yes I am creative.. I can remember in my third year we were asked to make a new thing from existing my group I was the one that made a beaded hand watch it was very beautiful and my lecturer took it… That is creativity… I love being creative.

Frederick Espiritu
Noble Member

Since I like or I enjoy to make poetry I think I am creative in such a genre. Making poems makes me playful with words. Being playful with words makes me creative.

Oghenekome Irobo
Noble Member

As a Web Designer i will say i am creative .

The things that makes a person creative is the way a human thinks. A person is creative by their skills, like how someone thinks and doesn’t have a hard time relating with people .Most people have strong desire to fit in, like something you don’t understand. A person is more creative when They like to solve problems.

Alex Socorro
Famed Member

I don’t consider myself a creative person although I am persevering when it comes to being creative.

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