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Casinos are good to the winners and owners but not good to the losers

Oghenekome Irobo
Noble Member

Perhaps the most important political benefit of casinos is tax revenues. Although in most states legalized gambling provides a very small proportion of state tax receipts (usually far less than 5%), casino taxes do make it easier for politicians to avoid spending cuts or other tax increases.

For many people, gambling is harmless fun, but it can become a problem. This type of compulsive behavior is often called “problem gambling.” A gambling addiction is a progressive addiction that can have many negative psychological, physical, and social repercussions. It is classed as an impulse-control disorder.

Corazon Henson
Noble Member

The casino is certainly good for the owner but for the bettor it is bad because you can never win in a casino if you will play regularly.

Beckky Adekoya
Noble Member

I would say overall, they are bad. Sure, they provide employment, but that employment is made possible by essentially cheating others out of their earnings, from the jobs they have. They provide an easy point of access, for gambling addicts, as well. If you don’t have casinos, people won’t be able to so easily access gambling. They may make the decision to enter the casinos & spend their money, but they would’nt be as likely to do so & lose so much of their money, if casinos did’nt exist.

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