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  1. Yes I am because it was given by God. I don’t want be someone far better because what God gave is already the best. I am made by God, I am happy for it. Whatever he gave me has it’s own purpose. And we have to be contented of what we have.

  2. Yes, I am very satisfied the life that I am living. Without satisfaction you will not be happy. You have to accept even small things that what God gave to us. If you want more you have to work hard and you go something far it’s better. But as of now, for me learning how to accept the things that you have now is best, and key to be happy and contented.

  3. Am happy with the way my life is right now. To be honest, I have no regrets. At my age, I have achieved what is rightful of my age and am planning to achieve more. Though, there are sometimes I wish my account is very fat but that is because I want to help more people. Aside that am satisfied with the way my life is and it’s going.

  4. While very few people live a perfect life I am fairly satisfied with mine. There are mistakes that I have made that I would like to go back and change as they have caused my life to change direction but those mistakes have made me the person I am today, not perfect, but strong.

    I did not expect to be raising a child again in my later years and that has been my biggest challenge. I am bringing up my son’s child so all the things I planned to do in retirement have been put on hold until she is grown up.

    In conclusion I would say that my life is not as I planned it but it’s ok. I have a roof over my head, food on the table and I’m financially secure. Things could be worse.

  5. I may not be satisfied with what happened to me or how my career turns out to be but other aspects of my life is worth to be thankful and grateful to God. I still want to be the person that I am now but I just wish that i have been braver and took some challenges in life so I know what happened when I take some risk and never look back and think “what if?”

  6. Frankly speaking, am dissatisfied with the present situation of my personal life. I had far more dreams and aspirations which I had earlier set as a personal goals and targets.

    So far, only about half of those have been achieved. And somehow, everything seems to be working towards the opposite or the nearest angle from the right direction. Sometimes I wonder if “destiny” as explained by religion is a true phenomenon. Because no matter how much we want to strive or path towards a different direction in life, it just seems like a path has already been laid for you and nothing you do brings you out of that route.

  7. Am contented with the life I live and what I get everyday ,so that I would look ungrateful but am not satisfied with the position I am looking at the goal I have for my future. so I strive higher to become a better person of myself each day until I get to the age where my strength wouldn’t carry me again.

  8. Yes am satisfied with the life am living right now and would not change anything in it because it what makes me who I am the experiences and the family I have I won’t change it for anything in this world.

  9. I am grateful for the life am living right now though I will still be happy if am elevated in nearest future more than this but each time I see a beggars begging for alms just to at least put something in the mouth I feel depressed and sorry for them.
    In all ramifications we should always be thankful of our conditions we may Still be aspiring for materials things like houses, cars, shares etc but we should remember that some are out there still thinking of what to eat to survive.

  10. Even for once I never wish to be like anyone why is all aboutunderstanding in life if only you compare your life with another you will see that you are far better than other while other wishes to be like you to keep your self encouraged and contented with what you have and whom you are because even you wish to it can’t just come true until you work for it , that why am online to be myself with the little life I have

  11. What can I say than to thank Him God for the blessings he has bestowed upon my life. I am more than okay for my life today because he is the creator and he knows the best for me so who am I to said I wanted to be like someone. the person has his/her own life to live and I also have mine life as well. let’s all be grateful and appreciate what God had done for us, when you go out there you will know he is worthy to be praised.

  12. Yes, I’m happy with my life and always count my blessings. While it’s not exactly where I feel it should be, I also feel as if I’d be most ungrateful if I started moaning and whinging about it because I know for a fact that there are many others out there in a far worse off situation who’d kill to swap places with me.

    I may not be laughing all the way to the bank weighed down by truckloads of money but I do have a roof over my head, food on the table, my family, I’m happily married, I’m healthy, I live in a country where the sun shines at least 360 days a year (touch wood) – there’s really not much to complain about.

  13. I don’t admire the life of others what I do is thank God for making me who I am and I’m always satisfied with the the life given to me by God. l live by his grace and his grace sustains me so what ever comes my way I shall still thank him.

  14. I’m contented with the life I’m living because many others wish to be like me yet don’t have the privilege. I have never wish I had everything I need because nobody has it all but, my prayers is that God should give me grace to always abide by him and do his will.

  15. Yeah am very happy about the life am living. I thought God has cheated me but I lastly realise that no God love me.Because someone said in a proverbs that if you say your house is far someone house is far than you. Because I throught I was poor but when I travelled to some city in my country I saw many people suffering in a market of a sunshine without even a pesewas. and I said thank you God for creating me like this so everybody needs to be happy about how she or he is.

    1. Am definitely not happy with the way am living now.
      I’ll always imagine if I had been born somewhere else or into another family,basic necessities wouldn’t trouble me
      Eating the bext day’s meal wouldn’t be a problem
      Am grateful to God for life,this is why am going to work hard to get that which I want because am not happy with my current state

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